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What's on John's reading list?

A new site for SelectTech GeoSpatial. Designers and manufacturers of Small Unmanned Aerial Vehicles...


Aviation buff or not, check out this site for Auto-Valve...


Other stuff:

The Complete Manual of WoodworkingThe Complete Manual of Woodworking. Everything you ever wanted to know...

selfieBefore selfies were selfies, selfies were...


BoneZone magazine will include this new ad for C&W Swiss. Our new website highlights their growing business, new facilities and expanding capabilities...

What's Inside:
Tap Water

John Finley has created advertising for Central Soft Water in central Ohio and Indiana.

The Verse
By The Side
Of The Road

(Memorable advertising never goes out of style).


Kill the Password
Why a String
of Characters Can't Protect Us Anymore.

Flowers by Irving Penn, 1980. Scores
a high rating on Amazon.com.

Cyber Security
The pest who shames companies into fixing security flaws.

John Finley
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